On the 9th of November 2014, more than thousands of Berlinners were crowded into a small place just in front of the Brandenburg gate to watch Paul Kalkbrenners performance commemorating of the fall of the Berlin wall. It seems to be strange a DJ was closing such an event. To Berliners, it isn’t Berlin is maybe the Europe capital of Techno.

Paul Kalkbrenner born in Leipzig and crew up in Berlin. He is a true Berliner and his first album was published 2000, called DB+. His first big success was the album and the movie Berlin Calling. The tracks of Berlin Calling were more softer, he used to play more hard techno. Some of the numbers of Berlin Calling are more Deephouse like Sky and Sand and Aaron. With the album he tried to create his new own sound.
He had a big name in Berlin, with Berlin Calling he got more international awareness, the movie helped as well.

The movie showed a DJ, named Ickarus (played by Paul Kalkbrenner) struggling to publish an album. The story has similarities with his own life. The movie gives a perfect view on the underground nightlife of Berlin, with the famous club Maria am Ostbahnhof the club where Paul Kalkbrenner played his first tracks. Too bad though nowadays the club isn’t there anymore.
The album and movie became directly number one in Germany and in many other countries.

With his new album, 7 he continues his new way of working.
The songs are again enthusing, Paul Kalkbrenner did it again. It is truly amazing, the songs are amazing in clubs but also at home. Paul Kalkbrenner managed to make his own sound and he shows it. My favourite song is Tone & Timber, the song just has a sound, a flow, a feeling that is undiscernible.

The album became directly number one in Germany and the Netherlands. But his wish is to became number one in England and the United States which he didn’t succeed yet. Let’s hope he will, it won’t relay on the album, it is truly wonderful!

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